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Item(List View Data Item类的实例)): 某一项被数据绑定后但尚未呈现在页面上之前发生获取绑定数据 List View Data Item lv Data Item = (List View Data Item)e.

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When using an object datasource a piece of code like Button test = (Button)frmv Details. Set the formview to reference an SQLData Source and it is no problem.

Form View and SQL Datasource is awesome in my opinion. Return sql Return Catch ex As Exception Throw ex End Try End Function The problem is that how does databinding work?

Unfortunately, some the data that I need to add this business logic is not exposed on the Form View user-interface itself, so I can not use Find Control to get the values (I could add the controls, bind them to the fields I need and set their visible property to true, but that's ugly).So, what I would need to do is to get access to the Data Row corresponding to the currently selected item in the Form View from the code behind as it has the data I need to add my business logic code.Unfortunately, I don't manage to get access to the row. objectdatasource formview | this question asked Oct 16 '10 at Kharlos Dominguez 1,182 5 21 38 Recommend:- How do I get the inserted id (or object) after an insert with the Form View/Object Data Source controlso public class Customer Table {public bool Insert(Customer Info info) public bool Update(Customer Info info) public Customer Info Get(intrrectly the Data Item is Nothing on Item Updating so my solution above does not work, does it?Becomes a bit of a challenge when you want all your data related stuff to be done in the Data Access Layer, but hey, you have to bind the data to the UI one way or the other, right. Int32) End With 'Build Update Command and Parameter List sql Return. Anyway, if you want to create your SQLData Source in the code behind, you can easily do that. Update Command Type = Sql Data Source Command Type. I have noticed that if create a new formview and attach it to objectdatasource it will not generate the template code as it does with the SQL code.