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Onze instant messenger kan je helpen om snel met leden af te spreken wanneer jij geil bent.
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Everything was going great until we had sex and he ghosted me. Soon after, a really cute guy from San Francisco messaged me on Tinder (we'd matched when I was in his area for a wedding).

The West Coast was a little far to pursue anything serious, but I was just so happy to feel excited about someone else to get my mind off the ghoster.

If you were constantly told you're amazing, special and capable of anything, as many of us were, fairytale love stories seem totally doable.It’s complex, containing a subset of other emotions like anger, hurt, sadness, and probably many others too subtle to identify.Sometimes, those emotions by themselves are easier to deal with, but disappointment can leave me at a loose end.Here’s how I’m learning to let rejection roll off my back.Here's a snapshot of what my love life has been like for the past few months.It can seem like the biggest, most horrible thing that could possibly happen—but humans tend to dramatize, too. "The secret to dealing with disappointment is to not let it grow into stronger emotions like discouragement and depression," he says.