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What happens when there’s no closure is that one of the parties wouldn’t stop thinking about the partner who left him or her.
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Dating muslim wont tell his family

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Sarah officially started her professional career by working in a small news agency in her city.As a fresh graduate she was profoundly happy about her new job.At her office her thinking started to change a little as she genuinely began to develop feelings for her boss.

You need to understand that if he is hesitant about going out and mumbling saying something about religion, he might not be comfortable with dating due to cultural and religious differences.

I’ve had some of my best nights out with him and his friends (some of them also don’t drink) because they’re just quite naturally party people.

On a heavy night at a club, they’ll order Red Bull, while I’m licking my hand and reaching for salt, always too eager to jump on the tequila train. My boyfriend said quite early on that he’s comfortable with me drinking and wouldn’t want me to change any aspects of my life just to fit his (what a babe) which is of course mega important for any relationship. I’m always surprised by how few and far between Halal restaurants are in London.

Most practising Muslim families are conservative and do not allow their sons and daughters to hang out with the opposite gender.

Not to say you won't find any but thats just to let you know.