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She told the phone hacking trial at the Old Bailey last month: ‘Whether or not I was in a relationship with Daniel Craig, it was not a relationship, it was a very brief encounter, and he was my best friend,’ she said.Ben Affleck is not pursuing Sienna Miller as a potential girlfriend, despite a new tabloid report. We’re told the story is “totally unfounded.” According to , a crime drama set in the Prohibition Era.The court was told he was shocked to discover James Bond star Craig was having an affair with Miller, which was revealed in an No W story headlined “Sienna cheats on Jude”, in October 2005.At the time, Craig was in a relationship with actress Satsuki Mitchell, the jury heard. “Did you make any reference to his then-girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell?Affleck met Jennifer Garner on the set of , respectively.

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The stunning Sienna Miller has remained one of our favourite blonde bombshells since she first caught our eye with her sizzling performance in 2004's Alfie.In fact, we most recently busted the tabloid for fabricating a report that Garner was “calling off the divorce.” This latest tale about Affleck wooing Miller is similarly untrue.Actress Sienna Miller has told the UK phone-hacking trial she is unhappy "titillating" information about her affair with James Bond actor Daniel Craig has been made public during the case.The pair had a brief romance and it was rumoured that she was interested in him again after breaking up with Jude Law for the first time. Jamie Dornan Keira Knightley and Sienna became friends as neighbours in London’s trendy Notting Hill and reports claimed the pair lusted after Irish hunk Jamie Dornan around 2002.Keira was the one who ended up in a relationship with him but when it all ended three years later, Jamie was rumoured to have enjoyed a series of dates with her Sienna. Jude Law Probably Sienna’s most famous relationship was with British actor Jude Law.However, Affleck hiring her for a movie does not mean he’s pursuing her romantically.