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Online dating can seem even harder - but once you've mastered it, it'll be a breeze (and good clean fun, too). They'll never know you've done it and you'll get a better search. We respect your privacy and keep your actual email address confidential. You can view it by going to 'Messages sent' on your personalised homepage. Don't confess too much, or share your entire relationship history (leave something for the first and hopefully, second dates, eh? Try doing something original (but not too cwazy) or funny (but don't tell jokes. Ask your funniest friend to write about you for the site - there's nothing quite like a recommendation to make someone look ever so desirable. If you block a member, they won't be able to view your profile, contact you or appear in your results. Any you like - or like the look of - to your Favourites. Trust us, there's someone out there for you - just be yourself. Don't you hate it when you think of something really funny you should have said just as you're going to bed that night? You can go back the next day, update your profile, and voila - it's like it was always there. Lovestruck welcomes all 18 singles looking for flirtations or more with like-minded people.It works similar to your existing traditional PSTN fixed line service.TPG Home Phone includes line rental and it allows you to make local, national, 13 and 18, mobile and international calls. Just click on 'Hide this profile' on their profile page. Messages 4.1 How are the messages that I send to other Lovestruckers anonymous? You probably were just as adorable/funny/clever as you thought you were, and if you weren't, well, there's not much you can do about it. All mail that you send to others is automatically saved for you for up to one month. If you're pretty happy with your photo, try playing around with your Narrative section. Think of it as the bait that will reel in the many, many lovely trout that you deserve. Whatever.) 4.5 How do I block someone I don't want to talk to/receive messages from? We do want everyone to be friends and play nicely, but we also know from experience that sometimes you just don't want to see or hear from someone again. And, bless them, they probably really like you and it's far easier to just ignore them than to give them the cold hard truth (this is the true beauty of online dating). To block a Lovestrucker click 'Block this Member' on their profile. You'll then get an email with a link to their profile. If you're actually quite normal, with no oddball passions and you just like to have a laugh now and again, then again, this is the place to put it. Recommended matches are then made on what you actually like/do on Lovestruck, not just what you say you like - ultimately going beyond conscious preferences that you have stated. Please note that pina coladas, walks in the rain, making love at midnight on the dunes on the cape, etc. (Please note that we're not making any promises.) It's also a great way to search for someone if you know their username. Keep seeing the same face every time you search, and have no intention of ever contacting them? However, you may want to take another look at your profile. Research shows that profiles with photos are 10 million times more likely to receive a response. Men in black tie and women with lipstick on do awfully well, we've noticed. Try to avoid the glass-eyed drunken grin photo if at all possible (good rule of thumb: if you can't remember the photo being taken, don't use it). Other Lovestruckers will appreciate it if you've made an effort. Blocking a member will hide your visit to their profile page. Then, to allow someone to see your profile, add that person to your Favourites and voila – they can see you in all your glory. Yes - all they have to do is click on your hidden profile and/or photo on your profile page. Either way, like back if you fancy them, don't if you don't - it's not a marriage offer, so don't agonise over it. If you're passionate about dorfball, German techno, Kir Royales, Playstation, sleeping, making sushi, Wikipedia, the Post, ultimate frisbee, wild strawberries, or gosh, whatever, then this is the place to put it. We owe it to our Members to intelligently sift through the database and match them well. It will simply look as though you have left the site. Privacy Settings 5.1 What are Privacy Settings for?