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Dating the books of the bible

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If there are differing opinions on this (as I'm sure there are), what are the primary arguments in each major direction?

Disclaimer and Explanation of Citations and Notations: The evidence here is largely gleaned from Protestant source material (my tradition), and is presented in a way that argues toward Job being an ancient composition (my view); but the evidence also mentions there are numerous other views on this.

(BAR) has played a major role in pushing for publication in a number of articles over the past few years, especially in 19 (Shanks 1989a, 1989b, 1989c, 1989d, 1990).

There have been charges of a scandal because there are about “400 separate unpublished texts arranged on 1,200 different [photographic] plates” hidden for some 40 years from the scrutiny of the scholars.

but also states, "Few modern scholars, however, would date the book as early as Moses" (Smith, ch. Nevertheless, some do—Roy Zuck notes the character of book "give the impression that it was written by an eyewitness," which in his dating is patriarchal period, and "numerous features point to a single author" (Zuck, 716).

And Mal Couch states the opposite of Smith regarding "majority" view (I suspect Couch is probably limiting his majority to conservative scholars), We cannot put a date on the composition of the book of Job, except for the outer limits, perhaps the seventh and the second centuries BC.

" They didn't care about that question mainly because all the best stories had already been passed down for many generations by the time they were considered good stories.

This position has been taken by skeptics to avoid the detailed prophecies in Daniel that ultimately came to pass, strong evidence for the divine authorship of Scripture.We also see a lively ancient tradition about a Job-figure who is always patient and never erupts in anger at God, as he does throughout the biblical version (see the Testament of Job and perhaps Jas , and compare to Job 9).This suggests that there were many stories about Job in the ancient world, and what we find in the Bible is only one of them.A bibliography of all referenced works is given, and citations are in a parenthetical form with author reference to that bibliography.Footnotes are used for additional information on topics, sometimes giving additional citations or information on the source material that the cited source is using for support.Hershel Shanks, the editor of BAR, says that “a reasonable guess is that 100 of these [unpublished texts] are Biblical texts on 200 plates” (1989c:20).