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To kickstart our process, I explored and (Amateur Radio Relay League), read the application, and checked out the resources.

ARISS allows groups with all levels of resources to participate in the program.

That to the credit of the people that have chosen IRCStorm as their Network of choice. #teen-chat Ages 13-19 #lobby Rated PG-Chat for ages 13 #clubhouse Ages 18 Our Mission IRCStorm Chat Network Mission & Goals - What You Can Expect From Us: 1. You may identify Staff members as those in #help with any , % or @ symbol next to their nickname for general Network information or Java Chat questions. IRC Storm Staff will NEVER ask for the password to your nickname or #channel.

If someone is requesting that information please go to #help and ask a staff member with an @symbol for assistance.

For two terrifying minutes, I stood before some 300 library patrons while members of the Douglas County (KS) Amateur Radio Club (DCAR) tried to hail the International Space Station (ISS).

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Here you can connect with trained volunteers who can help support you without judgments.

The teens who had arranged contact with the ISS began radioing in questions.

Our journey to this extraordinary moment began when I found out about the Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) program.

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